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Breitling Replica's first model, No.01, was its first. It took its inspiration from the unique way MeisterSinger displayed the time using early church tower clocks, and the simple technical design of older-style scientific measuring tools. At first glance, the Edition 366's historical heritage is obvious.

The Edition's name refers to the unique fact that 2020 (the year it was created) is a leap-year, which doesnĄ¯t have 365 days but 366 days. This is due to the complexity of how we measure time. Practically, every four years is a leap day because the lengths of our months are irregular. Our watches divide the day into 12 or 24 hours. Each hour is 60 minutes long. The 60-minutes are then divided into 60 seconds, which we further divide into tenths, if necessary. A single-hand watch, however, can help you avoid this problem. It shows the complex time in a simple way, with great precision and beauty.

The best Breitling Replica has a three-color minute scale. Its delicate script and opaline dial are reminiscent of the elegant French pocket watches of the 19th century. Even more important is the minute scale, which is divided in a complex manner than the hour numerals. The hour and quarter hours are marked in red and the half hours in blue. This makes it easier to track time and allows you to see the time in advance according to human measurement, i.e. it is almost a quarter past. While the colored markings don't make the watch look extravagant, they give the dial a brighter appearance than a dull one.

The breitling replica watches watch's dedication to scientific systemics and precision is reflected in the exact subdivision and the 25-millimeter-long, arrow-shaped hands fitted with counterweights. These timepieces were a sign of sophistication, taste and scientific interest 200 years ago.

Breitling Replica Limited edition The Swiss-made and hand-wound Movement of the MeisterSinger Edition366, the Unitas 64998-1, is also a fine example of watchmaking tradition. The large balance and ribbed finish of the plates, blued screws, ruby bearings and the exhibition glass back can be seen. After a few turns, the crown will begin to oscillate. This timepiece, like its predecessors, will remain rare as only 100 Edition 366 watches will ever be produced. The case's back has the number and the name of each edition. This keeps its owner informed of the year that it was bought.

swiss Breitling Replica comes with a 43mm stainless steel case and a brown calf leather strap featuring crocodile grain. It will be available for purchase in May.